Feb 16, 2009

Time wasted?

Daddy was having a frustrating day at work last Friday.  Sophia, at her mother's behest, called daddy on the phone to sing him a song to cheer him up.  I picked up the phone and Sophia said she wanted to sing me a song, so I stopped what I was doing.  "Go ahead bud."  Sophia sang her worship song to me.  She's getting very good at that.

"Was that a good one Daddy?"
"It sure was bud."
"Does that make your heart happy?"
"It sure does sweetheart, thank you." 
"Well, that's 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back."  (Kimberly blurts out laughing)

Turns out, she heard that line on her favorite veggie tales movie.  Still, how she manages to use these phrases she learns at just the right time is beyond me.

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