Mar 15, 2009

A wonderful sign of Spring

As recently as a week ago, we had really cold temperatures.  I'm talking 7 degrees below zero in the morning, and daytime highs of 6 degrees.  But, as it goes with the onset of Spring in Minnesota, we get wild swings in the weather department.  We've been steadily climb out of the temperature cellar since Tuesday.  Today, was the kind of day that Minnesotans hold out all Winter for.

It was 58 degrees, a little breezy, and bright and clear and sunny.  The funny thing about Minnesota, and something I've come to appreciate, is that anytime the temperature gets above around 35 degrees, after a Winter of subfreezing and subzero temperatures, EVERYONE is outside.  So far this week we have seen people jogging, walking their pets, playing in the park, and barbecuing.  Today, I took it to the next level.  At 58 degrees, I couldn't resist opening every window in the house, putting on shorts and a short sleeve shirt and going outside to throw the football with Kimberly. 

It was glorious, and a wonderful sign of the Spring to come.  It's supposed to get no cooler than 45 this week.  If that holds, we'll be well on our way to green grass, warm weather and my other favorite thing that comes with Spring:  Thunderstorms!!!

Jim Bass

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