Sep 5, 2009

Up to speed: Summer '09

This summer has probably been busier than any we've had, maybe ever.  I guess that's what happens when you have 2 kids, a dad in school, jobs, and church activities.  It used to be that the summer was slow and then it got crazy busy into the fall and winter.  This year could be interesting if the fall and winter gets any more busy.  I don't think it can even happen.  Anyway, here is a little photo-style update of this summer:

July 4th was a blast up at the cabin in Spooner, WI:

Sadie had a fun 1st birthday with family:
Dad and Carla visited at the beginning of August.  Everybody had a great time.  Sophia even got to stay in Papa Jim, and Grandma Carla's camper:

Kimberly and I got to go up to the cabin w/o kids.  We drove up to luxurious (end sarcasm) Hayward, WI, but also got to take a fun hike down the Namakegon River:  

In the past couple weeks, we went to some friend's house to weed the strawberry patch (my allergies still haven't recovered from that), and back again to pick apples.  We've got enough to last us through the rest of the year at least!

That's about it for Summer.  Temperatures are already changing.  By the end of this month, Fall will be in full swing, temperatures will fall from highs in the 60's and 70's to highs in the 50's.  By mid October, we'll likely be looking at our first snowfall of the year.  Summer has been short, but great.  Couldn't ask for better weather, and everything is looking up.  Next week, Kimberly and I head out for a whole week without the kids!  Thanks to Nana for being a week long babysitter.  I know, we really had to twist your arm...

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