Aug 24, 2008

Family Life

Hello All!Its the mama bear here for an addendum - if you will - to Jim's previously posted "sleep deprived" family life update from yesterday!  ;-) All-in-all, we really cannot complain.  We have two VERY beautiful girls in our little family!  Albeit one of the beautiful girls has more energy than a solar flare and the other beautiful little one has no sleep schedule to speak of... we'll let you guess who is who!  Fall is in the air literally just within the past two days!  There is this sudden transition you feel where the mornings and evennings feel very cool compared to the "dog days of summer".  School starts in two weeks. Oodles of school supplies line the aisles of our favorite stores!  The corn fields are ready for harvest (just about) and THAT is always a trademark sure to remind you that fall is on your doorstep!  At least, in the midwest it is!   This fall for us brings some obvious changes (a new baby).  But it also brings some other changes: Sophia starts preschool the first week of September (no, I cannot believe that myself!)  Jimbo is actually taking that next step for school himself and is amidst the registration process (WAY TO GO BABE!  I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!) Kimberly is learning to love being a mom all over again... and though she has many days where she feels "antsy" for more... she is learning that this time with little ones under her watch and care is a very precious time that goes all too quickly and then is gone before you know it!  Being a parent - mom OR dad - is truly a high and lofty life calling.  A mission like no other... and deserving of the best we can offer.  In the mean time, I have had MANY requests that we get some more photos of Miss Sadie Joy up on our blog... so here ya go!  ENJOY!  Love - Kjoy

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