Aug 23, 2008

Up to Speed

Its been a whirlwind last 4 weeks since i blogged up a storm after Sadie's birth.  It was a fun time, blessed, and calm.  The hospital staff couldn't have been better, and Sadie was healthy and happy.  Sophia took incredibly well to being a big sister (phew!), and we headed home with little complication. 

Some things have changed in the last month, and some hasn't.  Here is a short synopsis to bring everyone up to speed:

Sadie had a great first couple of nights home, with a couple of 3-4 hour sleeping stints during the night.  Kimberly and I were excstatic.  Could it be that we were going to have an easy child after so much difficulty with Sophia?  Sorry Charlie, not a chance.  God has seen fit to bless us with another fussy child.  But, the upside is that she isn't quite as bad as Sophia was.  After 3 different formulas, breastmilk from the tap and from the bottle, and a prescription for baby Prilosec, i think we are reserved to the fact that the only thing that will ease the fussiness will be time. So be it. 

Sophia is STILL a really great big sister!  She has, for the most part, become one of the most well behaved, respectful, and thoughtful children i know.  Is it possible we did something right?  She finished her first year of gymnastics class this last week, complete with their own Olympic style medal ceremony and podium.  And, she got a free little kid bike from her auntie Julie, who picked it up off the street from someone who was going to throw it away.  Thank God for secondhand stuff, huh?  She is, as always, eager to learn to ride it and doing a good job of it.  

Kimberly and Sophia are increasingly making forays out of the house as they get used to having a new member of the family to corral.  This week, they went with our neighbor from across the driveway, Auntie Lisa (as she's been deemed by Sophia), to the White Bear Lake farmers market.  They had a blast!  

As for me, I'm getting along.  Everyone here is sleep deprived, and we haven't been to church in a month.  But, we're adjusting.  We are going to church as a family for the first time tonight.  It's a new church we haven't been to before that is 5 minutes from our house.  Try that one on for size!  We haven't been to a church closer to home than 30 minutes in the last 3 years.  Other than that, I'm meeting with some admissions people at the Minnesota School of Business this week to look at going back to school to finish my Associates degree, for starters.  I'm looking at Computer Science. 

Lastly, life in Minnesota is moving forward.  Thursday was the opening of the State Fair.  It's a very big deal out here, and I happen to love it (read:  love eating my way through it).  In years past, it's been in the 90's and humid and stormy for the fair, but this year fall is already rearing its head.  Today it is 75 and breezy.  It was very cool this morning.  I love it.  This might be my favorite time of year, tied only with Winter, Spring, and Summer. 


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