Sep 16, 2008

Posting from Windows Live Writer

Jimbo got a new laptop for school today.  It came ready with Windows Vista.  So, I'm taking some time this afternoon to get to know my new operating system a little.  First impressions?  I really like it.  It's similar enough to XP to not get totally lost.  It doesn't really feel like I'm learning a new operating system. 

Yet, Vista is way more intuitive.  Everything just makes way more sense, and that's proven out by how quickly I'm learning everything.  When I'm looking for a certain function, I look first where i think it should be, and 75% of the time that is exactly where it is.  I really like that aspect.  It also seems that they've taken strides in integrating the web with your desktop.  I'm currently posting a blog entry from Windows Live Writer, a blog program on my desktop dock that doesn't require me to open my browser and navigate to our family blog.  Instead, I click the icon and post.  The program does the rest.

Pretty neat.  

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