Sep 14, 2008

Sophias First Day of School

Hello All!

Just posting a couple of quick pictures of Sophia's first day of preschool! No, I can't believe she is old enough. And no, I didn't cry (almost) ;-) I'll reserve the tears for in a few years when the big yellow schoolbus comes to take her away! For now its just a few days a week and mom gets to drop her off and pick her up! Sadly, or not - depending on how you look at it, she has NO problem seperating from mom and dad to be at school. She is VERY much in her element and has loved it thus far! She is a very smart little girl, very social, sings nonstop, and seems to be a little leader already amongst her peers! ;-)

Also included - some bonus pictures of cookie making! She wanted to help me... I think that she was a little more interested in running off with the whippers at the end than the actual help though! Hmmm... just like her daddy! ;-)

Speaking of, stay tuned for pictures of DADDY'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL in two weeks! YAY DADDY!

Love - Kimberly

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