Sep 3, 2008

One of "Those" Days (in a good way!)

So today has been "one of those days"... but in the good category, not the other!

Just taking a moment - albeit a quick one - to Thank God first, and family for all the blessings we are in the midst of right now! Two beautiful girls - one with so much intelligence, a spirit of fearlessness and adventure, and cute to boot! God quite literally has placed a constant song in her heart and she has no problem sharing those songs with us all day long as she goes about her business (and by business I mean play!) The other little one, sweet as can be and so much the cuddle bug! Starting to smile, and she even let out a baby-sized laugh this morning! A husband who is heading back to school - with much intelligence all his own, but intelligence he has never indulged in quite this way! Stepping out and challengeing himself, trusting God and being obedient to what he feels God asking him to do as the head of this home (let alone just as an individual!) Add to that financial provision directly from God's hand (THANK YOU to the person/people who have blessed us immensely with their generous hearts... you know who you are and your love and support cannot possibly carry a pricetag!) We have a home, my husband has a steady job, we have food on our shelves. And the icing on the cake for me personally today (at the risk of sounding trite!) ...I got four and a half consecutive hours of sleep last night (thank you God AND Sadie) which is more than I have had in over four months! And then got to wake up this morning to what is an AMAZINGLY gorgeous fall day... sun is shining and a slight chill to the breeze that is blowing. I cannot help but to find my heart in wonder and amazement as I allow myself to savor watching my children play today, in the sun-drenched, green grass in our yard while I sip slowly on my third (fourth?... okay fifth) cup of coffee of the day!

Yep, guess its just "one of those days"...

Love, Kimberly Joy

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  1. I am so happy to hear from you Kimberly. I have been worried about you and not a day goes by that I don't think of you and your family. I miss you!