Apr 29, 2009

Fight the power. Or, I ain't fallin' for no banana in the tail pipe

This was the conversation Sophia and I had over dinner tonight, quoted as much as possible for posterity's sake.  Enjoy:

Daddy, i'm going to put a plug in the smoker and so that the police man when he comes so that he can't give us a naughty ticket when we are going fast.

Oh really?  A smoker huh?

Yeah.  Daddy, do you remember how the 2 pigs were building a brick house so that they could be safe from the wolf? 


And then the wolf came in the roof, and in the chimney, and he went down in the fire, and he burned his butt in the fire so he left and never came back again?

mmhmm.  That's a good story huh?


Hey Soph, what's a smoker?

You know that thing like in the back of the car that it goes zig zag.


In the back, and the smoke comes out of it.

That's called a tail pipe. 

What is?

Where the smoke comes out of the car, that's called a tail pipe.


Are you saying that you are going to put a banana in the tail pipe?


A banana in the tail pipe?


A banana.  Are you going to put it in the smoker?  Is that what you are saying.

Yeah, because I'm going to put a banana in the police man's tailpipe, because he's naughty and he tries to give us a naughty ticket. 
Cuz' police man are naughty, right Dad?

Ummm.  Most of the time police men are good, but sometimes they are naughty.

Well, if they are naughty I am going to fight them

Oh really?

Yeah, cuz they are naughty and that's not ok.

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