Jul 26, 2008

A content homecoming

I think that "content" is the most accurately descriptive characteristic of Sadie.  She crys very, very little, and is easily quited by a feeding or a swaddle.  Otherwise, she is just happy to sleep, rest on momma's chest, rock in a chair, or be left alone in her bassonette. 

Today, the contented one came home from the hospital with Mom.  Thank goodness.  It is so nice to have the whole family back together under the same roof.  It's even better that this roof is our own home.  We are all moved back in.  I went to Target today to pick up Kimberly's meds and decided that the basonet with storage shelf below set up just worked too nicely at the hospital.  So, now we have one of those too.  It's actually quite handy, and very practicle.  I reccommend them.  Sadie seems content in hers...

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  1. OK it is not Saturday anymore, it's Tuesday! I feel cut off with out my updates!