Jul 25, 2008

The trooper

God bless Sophia.  For being a generally inflexible child, she has been a real trooper the last couple days.  She spent Wed with Grandma and Auntie Julie and her cousing Lil.  She spent the night with Lil, and the next day.  Daddy picked her up on Thurs afternoon at about 6pm, and we spent the evening together playing legos and reading books.  Grandma came back this morning to spend time with Soph during the day so daddy could go back to the hospital.  This afternoon, Soph is going to hang out with Kimberly's friend Naomi. 

She has been exceptionally behaved, and just an all around great girl in this time where we feared she might be jealous.  It might still be coming, but we'll relish these first couple days, at least.  Here she was, all gussied up when she came back yesterday to see her little sister at the hospital again:

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