Jul 25, 2008

Day 3 update, particularly for the out-of-towners (That includes you mom!)

Last night, Kimberly had her first night alone with Sadie. Daddy had to take Soph home and she deserved some time with mommy or daddy anyway. Things were a little sketchy during the evening, as Kimberly's milk still hasn't come in yet (one of the downsides of a c-section) but Sadie was good and ready for it. As such, she did a lot of sucking of air (and therefore got a pretty bad stomach ache) before everyone realized what was happening. The nurses brought in a special doo-dad that gives Sadie formula WHILE she is at the breast so she doesn't get confused, and still stimulates Kimberly's milk to come in. It works great. Today, Sadie is back to normal, feeding for a half hour, then sleeping for 2. She is back to the content and quiet little one that we have known her as. Here are a couple of pictures of her content Day 3:

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  1. In the top one she is actually smiling at her Nana!Love you precious....see you soon! Nana