Jul 16, 2008

Final Days

So, my wonderfully, technologically, savvy husband has had this blog up and running for quite some time - and sadly, I have yet to publish any posts. Just for the record, it certainly has not been for lack of desire! Unfortunately, being pregnant this time around has been way more tiring than I remember our first pregnancy... which may have a little something to do with having a very passionate, full-of-life, full-of-energy, pre-sch0oler that I am trying to keep up with! ;-)

So in these final days before our second child arrives, we have done much: a lot of "nesting" projects including what basically was a reorganization of the entire house, re-establishing a nursery, getting Sophia situated in her new room, but most importantly - spending some final family time as just the three of us, Jimmy, Sophia and I.

Here are some photos of some of our recent "final family days of just the three of us". I have a feeling any posts that will come after this, will include photos of our new family of four!

Love to all, and be on the lookout for updates!

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