Jun 26, 2008

Baby watch #1 and other sundry family items

Well, Kimberly went to the doctor today and she is already dilated to a 2. We aren't scheduled for delivery until July 23rd, but Sadie may be on her own schedule. Fortunately, the house is all but ready for her. Now, only if Dad and Mom could get some sleep before she gets here.

I think i became a REAL dad yesterday also. We traded in my dream truck for a minivan. We pick it up tomorrow. It made way too much sense and I think it will make life easier, but it'll be a bummer to see my dream truck go. I didn't even get to drive it that much because of gas prices, but i guess that is part of why it made so much sense to trade it for a van.

More to come on the baby watch soon, and I'll post pics of "Maximus", the new van when we pick it up.

1 comment:

  1. Nice to know you named the car.....at least it is a good strong male name. Which may be the only other male in your house besides you!