Jun 24, 2008

Sadie's new room

Kimberly and I had our first night alone in 3 years this last weekend. We dropped Sophia with her grandmother and spent Friday night on the Minnesota Zephyr. It's a slow 3 hour train ride through the woods that serves you a fantastic meal and has singers who walk through from time to time singing 40's and 50's songs. Sorry, no pictures.

Saturday we spent more time trying to put some more finishing touches on all the things we have been doing in the house. This time, getting Sadie's new room up and running was on the schedule. We patched the walls, sanded, painted, took down the old blind, fixed the holes and painted them, put up a new curtain rod and curtain, assembled the crib, got all the junk out and organized the room. Here is the, more or less, finished product, less the pictures and decorations on the walls.

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