Jun 4, 2008

Family Nesting: Garage Mod

Well, we are about 5 weeks away from baby number 2, and both Kimberly and I started feeling claustrophobic in our little townhome. It was starting to feel like we didn't have room to move around, and we had absolutely zero storage in our house. With another baby around the corner, we were both starting to get worried. So, on Saturday, Kimberly's sister and her husband came over to help us get started. They organized, purged and helped us build on Sat and Sun afternoons. Jim worked in the garage on Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons as well, while Kimberly organized the inside of the house.
The goal of the garage mod was to make room for things from inside the house, and to clean up the garage enough to get both cars back in it (to prevent further hail damage)and maybe even to create a little workspace when the cars weren't in the garage. The result of 4 days of work in the garage... Major progress!

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