Jun 2, 2008

It could be an interesting Summer

Well, I waited 3 years to see some real hail falling from the sky. Now I've seen it twice in one week. Unfortunately, i always pictured driving to the hail in my work van, and snapping pictures. I didn't count on having it hit my house, twice in one week, doing damage to plants, vehicles, and nerves.
Last week a tornado came through 3 miles south of our house and obliterated at least 50 houses, damaged 200 more, and killed one little boy. 6 days later, another tornado warning, another hail storm marches right through Forest Lake, while I am parked outside. Sunday was nice, sunny and about 80. But, it is raining now, storming tonight, and thunderstorms are on tap all week, including what the NWS is predicting will be a sever weather and tornado outbreak on Thursday. Doesn't offer a lot of comfort when you don't have a basement.

Here are some pics of the storm that came through this last Saturday. They aren't mine, as I was stuck in the hardware store when it came through, watching the 60 mile an hour winds blow through the parking lot and listening to the freight train of hail hit the tin roof:

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