Jun 30, 2008

Becoming Minnesotan update: 7/8 Minnesotan?

As previously mentioned, i have become something of an enthusiast for shooting clay pigeons. My brother-in-law and I have been going nearly every weekend, which, as it turns out, can get expensive. Kimberly and I have each given one another a small budget for fun things like this. She uses hers for the YMCA, and I use mine for shooting. But, with prices on the rise, a better method for attaining ammunition was necessitated. Enter the reason why I am now, eh, about 7/8 Minnesotan: the reloading bench.

Aaron and I have dabbled a little with reloading. It works great, but the one we've been using is a manual reloader and only does one shell at a time and you have to move the shell to the next station. This reloader, an 8 stage progressive, a scale, melting pot, 2 buckets of wads, over 1000 AA shotgun hulls, some reloading manuals, and the custom made desk to go with, was purchased with the proceeds from the topper off the truck we traded in to get the minivan. The rest of the money is going to bills. But, this baby is awesome.

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